Tea Party Food Ideas for Baby Shower

Focus on Tea Party Food Ideas for Baby Shower:

Every aspect in the planning of the details of baby shower party is directed for the pleasure of the guests. When it comes to the menu, tea party food ideas for baby shower may depend if the planned tea party is simple or high. With the former, all you have to prepare are light snacks and tea for drinks. When you think of a more elaborate celebration, it is high tea party which could consist of heavier meal – like a regular party with all the frills of food preparation. There are some tea party food etiquettes that should be thought of when you host one, albeit it is only a way to welcome the coming of an infant.

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Tea party food ideas for baby shower – first consideration

In preparing the tea party baby shower, choosing the menu is never image

enough – not what you like. You should generally consider the preference of your guests, perhaps what your visitors will love to eat. Tea party food ideas for baby shower are easier prepared because traditional tea time foods are served. Very unlike the usual parties where cuisine is elaborate, tea party for baby shower may only have finger foods and bite-sized snacks. You can also prepare two sets of foods. One set is the foods that you would really love to serve. The other set may constitute a kind that is commonly eaten by every person; shall we call these “general patronage” foods?

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Show case your food specialty

If your family had been used to hosting baby shower tea parties, it is image

very likely that there are traditional tea party foods that run in the family. Now that you are giving this party for your newborn, it is the right time to show off your specialty tea foods. Some of the foods that are traditional are scones – flavored with different jams and cream. Scones are samples of foods for “general patronage”. One part of party giving is concentrating on tea party food ideas for baby shower. You can have ordinary or high tea foods. You can serve ordinary foods and you can also serve specialty foods.